Bloodborne’s PS1 Demake is Now Available

Bloodborne’s PS1 Demake is Now Available

One devout Bloodborne fan has managed to give a huge chunk of Yharnam a makeover ala PlayStation 1 graphics.

Bloodborne PS1 Demake: Cleric Beast Gameplay

Been working on this for weeks now, and now I’m happy to finally show off a work in progress of the Cleric Beast boss fight!

Featuring music by TheNobleDemon:

She created the incredible music using a real Roland SC-88 Pro for maximum authenticity! It really wraps up the fight in that retro feel we work so hard to capture.

There is still work to be done on the fight (It’s pretty buggy and there’s a few missing features like rally / regain) But it’s all up hill from here!

Follow on twitter for daily updates (been posting Cleric Beast content for weeks before posting this video!):

The Noble Demon’s Cleric Beast music:

Someone made Bloodborne into a PS1 game. It’s incredible.

Bloodborne PSX is available to download for free here! –
Huge shoutouts to Lilith Walther for creating this masterpiece!
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Moistcr1tikal Plays Bloodborne PSX Demake

Streamed from

Bloodborne PSX Demake Full Playthrough!

Get the Demake here:

This was INSANE! Incredibly true to Bloodborne with added content too! This encompasses the first area of the game including Cleric Beast and Father Gascoigne boss fights. There’s quite a bit more to explore beyond that as well! Don’t expect to know everything even if you’re very familiar with Bloodborne. Enjoy! — Watch live at

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