Hades Review

Hades Review

The road out of Hell was paved in early access.

Hades Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

The devil is in the detail.

Written Review By PJ O’Reilly:

Narration, Gameplay and Video Edit by Zion Grassl

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Hades Review – The Final Verdict

Hades will probably be the standard that roguelite games will be following for years to come- or it should be, at any rate. If nothing else, Hades is easily the best game Supergiant have made to date.

Hades Review – A treat if you own a PC

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The Mythology Behind Hades


hey everyone, welcome back to another video. this time round we’re taking a proper deep dive into the masterpiece that is Hades – however, rather than looking at this like a review, or a stereotypical analysis, we’re going to be checking out the mythology that inspired the game, and seeing how closely what you’ll find in Hades matches up with pre-established Greek myth. there are timestamps below for your convenience.

here are the timestamps:

Introduction + Thesis: 00:00
Hades: 3:25
Nyx: 12:36
Zagreus: 18:59
Charon: 24:49
Hypnos + Thanatos: 30:16
The Furies: 37:17
Chaos: 46:28
Zeus: 51:34
Poseidon: 57:05
Athena: 1:04:16
Aphrodite: 1:10:36
Artemis: 1:16:41
Ares: 1:23:32
Dionysus: 1:30:56
Hermes: 1:38:00
Demeter: 1:44:14
Achilles + Patroclus: 1:49:21
Orpheus + Eurydice: 1:57:08
Sisyphus: 2:06:37
Theseus + Asterius: 2:13:56
Cerberus: 2:23:35
Dusa: 2:30:56
Skelly: 2:35:54
Persephone: 2:44:02
House of Hades: 2:50:31
The Underworld: 2:51:49
Tartarus + Asphodel + Elysium: 2:54:57
Erebus: 3:00:44
Greece: 3:03:35
Stygius: 3:06:17
Varatha: 3:11:38
Coronacht: 3:15:53
Aegis: 3:18:48
Malphon: 3:21:38
Exagryph: 3:25:14
Conclusion + Thanks: 3:31:38

and here is a list of stuff i bring up in the video that i say you can find more info about in the description:

– the excellent Noclip documentaries about Hades: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-THgg8QnvU4JEVov1tMlFThNYS92F8uC
– Supergiant’s PAX West panel: – https://youtube.com/watch?v=PqiTG-j_tT4
– a link to enecola’s twitter and instagram (she did the amazing Zeus/Nyx/Hypnos art, please show her some love!): https://twitter.com/enecola and https://instagram.com/enecola.art
– Dr Emily Wilson’s twitter thread on misogyny in translation: https://twitter.com/EmilyRCWilson/status/971823035664818176
– a link to Viria’s twitter and instagram accounts, give her a follow if you want to see more amazing art: https://twitter.com/viria13 and https://instagram.com/viria94
– Giulia Sissa’s piece on virginity in the ancient world: https://eugesta-revue.univ-lille.fr/pdf/2013/Sissa-3_2013.pdf
– the book from which i got the caduceus/asclepius survey info: https://worldcat.org/title/golden-wand-of-medicine-a-history-of-the-caduceus-symbol-in-medicine/oclc/24246627
– the reddit thread about Eurydice that Greg Kasavin responded to: https://reddit.com/r/HadesTheGame/comments/ef87fv/eurydice_isnt_a_tree_nymph
– the Beowulf translation i used: https://bloggersbeowulf.com/2018/08/09/beowulf-boasts-the-dragon-roasts-book-xxxiv-book-xxxv/
– the book referring to Enkidu being part-bull: https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=PyJZyabg7OsC &pg=PA15 &redir_esc=y#v=onepage &q &f=false

worth noting that i made a mistake in the Chaos section – i switch between the they/them and he/him pronouns, when they were all meant to be they/them. sorry about this, it’s a blunder i’m pretty annoyed i’ve made. my intention was to use they/them the whole time, but it was just a slip of the tongue. my bad.

all the footage in the game was captured by me! it took a while, unsurprisingly.

i’d like to say a huge thanks to my best pal Joe, without whom this channel would be much worse off. Joe has done all the art for my channel from its inception, from the old logo to the new black mage logo, the old intro and all the outros, and most recently the incredible art for my Patreon tiers! he is an immensely talented artist and an absolute legend so check him out:

i’d also really like to thank HotCyder for his excellent work on the thumbnail! if you want to check him out, you can find him on both YouTube and Twitter:

i think that’s it! thanks everyone. hope you enjoy the video 🙂

– alastair x

#Hades #GreekMythology #Supergiant

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